How to control anything over Bluetooth using arduino !

Last Saturday  i didn’t posted anything because of my exams . Sorry Guys .

In this tutorial i will show you how to control anything over Bluetooth.

You can control anything – led(s) , home appliances , fridges , T.V.(s) etc..

This technique is based on arduino’s ability to recieve and transmit data form its tx and rx line  .

So lets get started !

Materials Required :

(1) Arduino (any kind will work )

(2) Bluetooth Module (HC-06 / HC-05 )

(3) Breadboard

(4) Led

(5) Jumpers Wires

(6) A working brain (Most important !)

Procedure :

(1) Connect your arduino board  to PC .

(2) Insert you Bluetooth module to breadboard .


(3) Connect RX of module to TX of arduino .

(4) Connect TX of module to RX of arduino .


(Remember if you connect RX>RX and TX>TX the transmit lines would have nothing to transmit and receive lines would have nothing to receive so don’t do that !)

(5) Connect VCC to arduino 5v and GND to ground .


(6) Connect anode of an  led to pin 13 and cathode to ground .


(7) I have made an example sketch for you guys . You can download it here

(8) Upload the code to your arduino board .

(9) Now download the app – Bluetooth Terminal from play store .

(10) Open the app > Go to menu > Select Connect a device -Secure

(11) Once its connected it would show up like this :


(12) Type 1 and you will see the led goes on !

(13) Type 0 and you will see the led goes off !

(14) You can extend its functionality by connecting a relay instead of led to switch all kinds of ac appliances ( Fridges , T.V.(s) , A.C. (s) ) on and off !sku_152072_1

I hope this post was useful to you !