Mr. Robot Inspired Vibrating Timekeeper

Shutout to all the Mr. Robot fans out there .

The inspiration of this project came from the 8th episode of 1st season of Mr. Robot (S01E08) . The person who had the meeting with eliot about the hack (white rose), wore a very strange device which beeped after every 1 minute passed .

I’ve made a better version of this device using components for no more than $5 . This device vibrates for 1 second after every 2 minutes.

The parts needed for this build are :

  1. attiny 13a / attiny85 / attiny45
  2. Mini vibrating motor .
  3. a coin cell battery .

The tools needed are :

  1. Usb asp programmer ( Other programmers will work too !)
  2. soldering iron
  3. jumper wires .
  4. A working brain (obviously!)

Procedure :

Software Side :

  1. Follow this tutorial for your attiny 45/85 here .
  2. If you are using attiny 13a(like me) follow this tutorial.
  3. Download the code from here . {ITS JUST A BLINK SKETCH WITH TIME ADJUSTMENTS 🙂 }

Hardware Side :

  1. Connect you usb asp (or any other programmer) to attiny like this :

    Attiny Pin-out

  2. :VCC > VCC(PIN8)
  3. GND > GND(PIN4)
  4. SCK > SCK(PIN7)
  8. I made a small socket for easier wiring and programming .
  9. After connecting upload the code to your attiny.
  10. After you have successfully uploaded the sketch remove the attiny from breadboard .
  11. After removing take your vibration motor and solder its one leg to pin 3 of attiny and the other leg to ground like this :
  12. Solder reset pin the vcc to prevent auto reset.
  13. connect the coin cell battery to attiny like this :
  14. after completing use electrical tape to seal the whole deal like this :
  15. The Battery lasted a week in my test with an average (inexpensive) coin cell battery.
  16. I believe that some minor code improvements can make the battery last for months and even years.
  17. I will post the code improvements later on this site so stay tuned !

Now with the time management accurate down to two minutes you can take down your own steel mountain 😉