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=========And many more fun things that will inspire you=========.

In a nutshell – everything related to computers and electronics that  I Find Interesting.

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For the love of joker.

I love joker from the batman the dark knight movie. He portrays a perfect villain who is at par with Batman’s strength if not stronger.

His quotes can be quite motivational in some situations and can be used for expressing feelings in a more fun way.

So to solve this purpose here is a weekend app i built which is a compilation of all the joker dialogues and quotes.

Download it here :

Lite version.

PRO version.

Bro Code.

Sorry for late update . Was having a pretty busy schedule lately. I launched this app in october but forgot to make a post about it.

Anyways this is a small weekend project that I made for fun.

Bro code. Compilation of the bro codes across the web . It has a more than 100 bro codes whis are sharable.

Ps: no ads on this one

Enjoy !